furnishes direct cabinet shipments “Coast to Coast” to your home. You will find Shopping has the customizable tools for the “DIY” to be creative and fully control the design and the budget. Our mission is to provide efficient design and affordable cabinetry that meets all your needs as you turn your dream kitchen into reality. was founded on the American Dream. One little girl’s dream to create something out of nothing became a reality when she crossed the ocean and arrived in America. She set her eyes on coming to America to give her passion for design and fostering spaces where life was to be lived.

She knew and experienced that life in her own home and wanted to spread that joy to others around the World. Our Homes are in the heartbeats of where our lives grow from within. She felt what better way to develop a dream than to put that power into the consumer’s hands and let that passion for designing on a dime grow within them as well.

Her family has extensive experience in designing and developing cabinetry. Her first business venture with affordable cabinetry took off. She turned her little vision into a venture and helped both professionals and homeowners realize their dreams throughout the United States with her company.

Today she has set her vision on putting the power back into the consumer’s hands. Shopping does that by bringing you the tools and the ease of direct ship cabinetry to your doorsteps.