Ordering Policies

  • By using Shoppingcabinets.com, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and password, and you agree to accept all responsibility for all activities that occur under your account. All orders placed on the Shoppingcabinets.com website must be made by persons 18 years of age or older. You agree that all information entered into the system is true to the best of your knowledge. Shoppingcabinets.com reserves the right to refuse service, remove or edit content, terminate accounts, or cancel orders at its sole discretion.
  • Customers are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of all orders.
  • Accuracy of the shipping information is the sole responsibility of the customer. Customers will incur any additional costs or fees associated with errors in the shipping information.
  • All orders must be paid in full in order to be processed.
  • Orders once Acknowledgement has been sent will have a 24 hour grace period to be canceled without Penalty.
  • Orders, when approved by Shoppingcabinets.com that are permitted to be canceled are subject to a 20% restocking fee.

General Shipping Policies

  • Shoppingcabinet.com uses third-party freight carriers and parcel delivery services. Carriers assume responsibility for the orders while in transit.
  • Orders will process and ship within 5-21 business days (Monday thru Friday), but can sometimes ship sooner.
  • Processing time does not include transit time.
  • Shoppingcabinets.com does not guarantee delivery dates and is neither liable nor responsible for unforeseen circumstances beyond its control, so please allow for potential delays in transit time or other delays caused by supply chain disruptions.
  • The website-generated shipping quote is not guaranteed, and Shopping Cabinets reserves the right to modify shipping estimates at our discretion to account for changes in rates or fuel costs.

In addition to our regular ordering and shipping policies, we have some policies that apply to our assembled cabinet orders (all other ordering, shipping, and receiving terms and policies apply)…
Assembled Cabinet Ordering Policies

  • All assembled cabinets are made-to-order and can take up to twenty-one (21) business days to process, produce, and ship an order. Additionally, due to the method of shipping and delivery (see below for details), transit times will sometimes be extended depending on location and delivery schedules.
  • If you use Shoppingcabinets.com you are agreeing that all information entered into the system is accurate and valid to the best of your knowledge. Shoppingcabinets.com reserves the right to refuse service, remove or edit content, or cancel assembled cabinet orders at its sole discretion.
  • Shoppingcabinets.com hours are Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm (CST). If you need us outside of those hours, our telephone number is 1-800-689-8069 or you can email info@shoppingcabinets.com for after-hours questions or concerns.
  • All online assembled cabinet orders are final. It’s the responsibility of the customer to verify the confirmation email and make sure that everything is correct. Please verify your items before placing your order.
  • Customers are responsible for determining if assembled products will fit into the designated space in which they are intended to be installed. Shoppingcabinets.com is not responsible if an item cannot fit into a customer’s home or space within the home.
  • All online assembled cabinet orders from Shoppingcabinets.com are custom orders so we WILL NOT accept order cancellations or returns.
  • All orders must be paid in full to be processed.
  • Shoppingcabinets.com or its affiliates will not hold orders once they are placed. Our customers will be required to accept the delivery in the normal time- period.
  • If for any reason an item is out of stock, you will be notified via email with the items backorder status and any available items to fit in its place. All unexpected backorder shipping charges will be prepaid by Shoppingcabinets.com. If an item is out of stock at the time you place the order, the customer will be responsible for the additional shipping charges that will apply.
  • Due to the rapid pace of our industry, the availability of our current products is constantly changing. Some vendors will discontinue a product that we are not aware of, thus forcing us to refund your order. If the site displays the item IN STOCK, yet we are unable to fulfill the order, we will do everything we can to meet your order needs.

Assembled Cabinet Delivery & Shipping

Standard In-Home Delivery Service

  • Shoppingcabinets.com offers our customer’s site delivery services with tailgate delivery. The customer is responsible for offload from tailgate and delivery into a dwelling. Shoppingcabinets.com orders of at least three cabinets (as determined by Shoppingcabinets.com). Assembled orders of fewer than three cabinets will be shipped via regular ground services and are not eligible for the Liftgate delivery service.
  • The customer will be alerted via email once the cabinets have shipped from the manufacturer and are in transit. The customer will be advised of the estimated delivery time for arrival. Once the cabinets have been received by the terminal, customers can expect notification via phone as well as email within 1-2 business days to arrange the delivery date.
  • Customers must schedule AND accept the delivery within 48 hours of receiving the order’s final terminal arrival notification. Failure to accept delivery of the order within the 48-hour window will result in the assessment of storage fees (of $50
    +/- per day to be determined by Terminal policy) per pallet.
  • The customer will get an automated call the day/night before the delivery date at which point they will receive a 4-hour window delivery time-frame for the next day. The driver will also call the day of the delivery about 30 minutes to an hour before showing up at the house to confirm that the truck is on the way.
  • Customers are required to accept delivery of their order even if damaged. Accepting the order and reporting the damages via the Shoppingcabinets.com claims process will help to expedite the process. As all sales are final, failure to schedule a delivery appointment or refusal of an order once arrived at the customers location does not release the customer of the obligation for the full price of the cabinet order.
  • The delivery truck will arrive at your site with a liftgate, which will lower the cabinet pallets to the grade level. The customer will be responsible for the offload of the cabinets (pallet banding may be broken at this point to allow access to the individual cabinets). It is not necessary to open each cabinet for inspection. However, should a box have a tear, puncture, or crumpled corner it should be noted on the delivery documents? A picture with a cell phone (jpg) will document the damage. Also, the shipping document (both the driver’s copy and your copy) should be noted for any suspicious damages. Please verify all cabinet boxes and packages have been received.

Tractor Trailer Accessibility

  • If your delivery address is not accessible by a 53’ tractor trailer with a Lift-gate, a “straight truck with Lift-gate” is required to deliver to your location.
  • A lift-gate is a device used to raise and lower items from ground level to the level of a tractor-trailer. Freight companies deliver items on a tractor-trailer which is approximately 56 inches above the ground. These trailers are designed to load and unload at a loading dock or with a forklift.
  • Straight truck delivery is delivered on a smaller truck than a regular 53’ tractor-trailer. A straight truck would be required for residences that may be on a dirt road, dead-end street, or any location where a tractor-trailer would not be able to easily deliver to the curb. The straight truck will need a navigable road, free of power and telephone lines for height restriction, low hanging limbs, or other obstructions. The road must be able to bear the Truck and load.
  • Not all trucking terminals have a straight truck available for delivery. We do not know which destination terminal the shipment will arrive at, so we are unable to anticipate which terminals have straight trucks available. If a straight truck is not available for your delivery address, you will have the option to meet the driver at a location where they can pull the large truck into and offload the cabinets (such as a parking lot) or you would have to go to the destination terminal of the trucking company to obtain your shipment.

Shipping to Canada

Shoppingcabinets.com is not a registered exporter of record with customs. As such, orders shipping to Canada will not include any duties or taxes associated with the product. Duties and taxes are the responsibility of the customer to pay. UPS includes all duties and taxes associated with shipping into Canada. However, because our shipping calculator is unable to anticipate what those charges will be, there will be additional charges associated with UPS shipments going to Canada. For more information, please contact your local customs office or Shoppingcabinets.com customer service.

Receiving Policies

  • Once a shipment arrives at the final-destination terminal, the third-party carrier will contact the customer to schedule a delivery. Failure to establish a delivery appointment with the carrier will result in the carrier charging storage fees until such time as the delivery can be made.
  • Customers are solely responsible for any/all storage fees incurred. Customer (or authorized representative) must be present to accept delivery and must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Residential delivery is defined as CURBSIDE DELIVERY.
  • Unless otherwise stipulated (as with assembled cabinet orders), deliveries will NOT be brought into a customer’s home. Customer is responsible for transporting items from the street into the property.
  • In certain instances, assisting the freight carrier’s driver with some off-loading from the truck may be necessary.
  • Customer must inspect order for visible damages or missing items while the driver is present.
  • All damages and/or missing items must be noted on the delivery receipt/bill of lading while the driver is present.
  • Paperwork must include signatures of both the customer and the driver. Customers have the right to demand the driver waits until an inspection for visible damages is complete.
  • Customers should accept orders with visible shipping damages after noting the damages on the delivery paperwork (both the Drivers and your copy). Doing so will facilitate the claims process and enable Shoppingcabinets.com to replace the damaged items more quickly.
  • Bills of lading include the number of cartons which may not coincide with the number of items on the order as some items are packaged together. You must check that all items on the order have been received before signing the paperwork.
  • Shoppingcabinets.com will not be held responsible for missing items not noted on the delivery paperwork at the time of delivery.
  • All vanity/countertops must be opened and inspected for damages while the driver is present. Failure to do so will result in such claims being denied.
  • Unlike cabinetry & accessory orders, if a vanity/countertop is found to be damaged during shipping, customer must refuse to accept delivery.
  • Concealed damages must be reported within 48 hours. Customer is responsible to open and inspect the entire order within 48 hours or any claims for concealed damages may be denied.

Return Policies

  • All returns must be processed by the customer within 30 days of product receipt. Any returns processed by the customer after 30 days will be issued a store credit (less costs and fees where applicable).
  • Only items that are properly packaged in the original box will be accepted as a return.
  • After receiving and inspecting returned items, Shoppingcabinets.com reserves the right to reject any return if items are not in the proper condition.
  • Customers are responsible for the cost of the return shipping.
  • Returned items are subject to a 20% restocking fee.
  • Customers must file a return authorization request by either logging into their Shoppingcabinets.com account under which the item(s) were ordered and following the steps laid out on the site to process the return or do so by accessing their order if they checked out as a guest.
  • Refunds (less costs and fees where applicable) will be issued within 30 days of return receipt and inspection of the items at the Shoppingcabinets.com facility.
  • Customers are encouraged to call Shoppingcabinets.com if they require help with the return process.
  • Assembled cabinet orders are not able to be returned. Please refer to the Assembled Cabinet Policies

Claims Policies

  • After a customer has documented any damages on the delivery paperwork as noted in the Receiving Policies, it is necessary to go to Shoppingcabinets.com and click on the file a claim link at the bottom of our homepage to provide the necessary documentation of the damages.
  • Concealed damages must be reported within 48 hours. The customer is responsible to open and inspect the entire order within 48 hours or any claims for concealed damages may be denied.
  • Customers should take photos and tag them directly to their order: Sending the information to info@shoppingcabinets.com
  • The following information is required to properly file a claim:

    • Order number
    • Copy of signed delivery paperwork notating damages (if visible upon receipt)
    • Photographs of damages (concealed or otherwise)
    • Photos must be of the entire part/panel with damage visible (no close- ups necessary)
    • Photos must be in .jpeg file format
    • List of damaged items with description of damages
  • It can take between 7 – 10 business days before your replacement parts are shipped.
  • Replacement parts will not be sent out if the cabinets/vanities are already installed with the exception of doors. If you discover damage after installation of the product(s), your claim will not be honored. If you have glued, pinned, stapled, or altered the product in any way & are unable to detach the damaged part or piece, we will not replace the entire cabinet.
  • This warranty does not cover damage resulting from accidents during assembly, misuse, dirt, water, tampering, un-reasonable use, improper installation, servicing performed or attempted by unauthorized service agencies or units that have been modified or used for commercial purposes.

***Shoppingcabinets.com reserves the right to change its assembled shipping policies and requirements at any time prior to purchase.


Website Imagery Disclaimer: Customers are strongly encouraged to order a sample to ensure the color, finish, and style is exactly what the customer wishes to order.
Shoppingcabinets.com is not responsible for items ordered based solely on the imagery on our website and reserves the right to reject a return or a claim based on dissatisfaction with color, finish, or style if a customer fails to order a sample prior to placing their main product order.

Natural Wood Disclaimer: Variations in color, grain, and other growth phenomena are a natural characteristic of wood. Changes in color on finished wood can occur due to exposure to light and other environmental factors. These variations and color changes are not deemed defective and therefore are not covered in the claims process or under our warranty

Finishes/Glazes/Distressing Disclaimer: Variations in our cabinetry’s hand applied finishes and glazes are not considered to be defects in material or workmanship.

Shoppingcabinets.com is not responsible for touch-up paint that is used on unfinished wood or anything other than touch-up as the finished product may not be an exact match. Wood species, grain, and porousness can contribute to the failure of finishes matching. Shoppingcabinets.com will provide the matching formula to one of our cabinet finishes if requested. However, it is not responsible for the accuracy of the mixture that is provided. Application in the field is not typically consistent with factory application under heated drying conditions and humidity control.

  • Changes to Finishes or Product Design Disclaimer: Shoppingcabinets.com may modify products due to supplier availability and as changes or improvements are implemented but are under no obligation to make these changes to previously manufactured products. If a warranty claim is filed after a product or finish becomes obsolete or is discontinued, Shoppingcabinets.com reserves the right to honor the warranty in the following ways:
  • To replace the affected component with a new component of the same style if available.
  • To replace the affected component with any other component(s) to achieve a similar appearance with a style that is comparable in appearance, color, design, or construction-based upon current product offerings.